The Reasons Why The New Xiaomi Mi 10 is Much More Expensive Than The Mi 9

Samsung Galaxy A50: 28 April Latest Update | New Features \u0026 REVIEW! - YouTubeThe presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 10 has not left anyone indifferent, and it is not for less. Xiaomi has taken two of the most advanced phones in its history – with the permission of the Mi MIX Alpha -, and also two of the most expensive in the history of the Mi series , with prices starting at 530

Given that, just one year ago, the Mi 9 was launched at a price of 390 euros to change in China , we talk about an increase of almost 150 euros , or what is the same a rise of more than 35% compared to at the price of last year’s model. And as expected, the decision has not pleased everyone equally .

However, the company itself wanted to justify the reasons why the new Xiaomi Mi 10 has such a high price – for what we are used to seeing in the brand catalog, of course.

Xiaomi has been making waves over the past few years, with a more aggressive approach to international expansion and looking to get a real foothold in Europe.

But Why is the Xiaomi Mi 10 so expensive compared to the Mi 9 of last year? These are the 5 reasons of Xiaomi to justify the price increase.

Xiaomi justifies the rise in the price of the Mi 10 series

It has been Lu Weibing , one of the members of the executive board of Xiaomi and main leader of the Redmi brand, who has decided to step up and talk about the price of the Mi 10 series through its Weibo profile . In its publication, it indicates that the increase in the cost of production of the new models is reflected, above all, in five different aspects .

First, it states that the transition from the Snapdragon 855 processor to the new Snapdragon 865 with its 5G modem means a price increase close to double.

Mention is also made of the decision to have used a flexible OLED display with a high refresh rate – the Mi 10 support up to 90 Hz – and a hole in the upper left. In that sense, Weibing points out that the cost of the panel also doubles that of the previous Mi 9 screen .

The use of LPDDR5 RAM memory technology also influences that the Mi 10 is not the bargain that many were waiting for. After all, it is a cutting-edge technology that is only present in a few devices such as samsung firmwares‘s new Galaxy S20 , whose cost is an extra 20% in the production price of the device.

Finally, Weibing mentions both the new photographic system formed by four rear sensors with double OIS and double optical zoom, which has prompted the Mi 10 Pro to be placed in the top position of the DXOMark ranking , as well as the improvements in its technical section .

To conclude, he mentions that, despite the price increase for buyers, the Mi 10 series models are better devices than models such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro , as Xiaomi phones have a better processor, a charging technology faster, higher resolution main camera and a better quality screen.

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