Samsung accidentally releases first details of Galaxy Home Mini

Samsung’s upcoming lineup of new products have been at the center of various leaks, but this time, the Korean tech giant was to blame.

On Monday, Samsung accidentally leaked details of its upcoming smart speaker, the Galaxy Home Mini in a post uploaded to its South Korean website that has since been deleted.

According to the press release, the speaker will be released in South Korea on February 12 and will cost $83.

In a release captured and translated by Android Police, Samsung described various details of the company’s next smart speaker installment.

The Galaxy Home Mini (rendered above) will likely be released next week during  major press event by Samsung 

‘Galaxy Home Mini’ can freely control various devices through voice commands through Bixby. Two microphones are built in to support speech recognition over long distances,’ stated the release.

‘Galaxy Home Mini’ allows you to make, receive and send messages with just your voice without connecting your smartphone. When connected with an external sensor, it detects emergency situations such as fire, smoke and leaks and provides notifications quickly. It also tells you if your appliance is working or when it needs to be replaced.





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Samsung also says that its Galaxy Home Mini will be equipped with 5W speakers, and 360-degree surround sound. 

While the device has been kept somewhat under wraps for now, it will likely be revealed at a major event from the tech giant next week.

In that event, samsung upgrade new is expected to release its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Plus was leaked in images well in advance of the device’s actual unveiling and has been one of many Samsung-related leaks

According to leaks from XDA Developers the S20 Plus – which is the larger version of Samsung’s flagship phones that are slated to be released in February – will definitively have a high-end 120 HZ display which had previously only been rumored.

The 120 HZ display will offer a high refresh rate but will only work with the phone’s standard resolution as opposed to the WQHD – quad high – setting that clocks in at 1440p as opposed to 1080p.

Additionally, XDA says that the phone will come with a traditional headphone jack and as well as an in-display ‘ultrasonic’ fingerprint scanner.

The latter feature marks a significant confirmation as Samsung has attempted to include in-display fingerprint-reading technology in the past to notably mixed results.


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