Journalist Glenn Greenwald accused of hacking crimes in Brazil

The federal prosecutor’s office in Brasilia, the country’s capital, said in a press release that its investigation didn’t target Greenwald, but that prosecutors found a recording of Greenwald talking with one of the hackers when searching a suspect’s seized laptop. The Brazilian accusations include advising and coordinating with a group of hackers who obtained messages from government officials who oversaw court proceedings in the corruption cases.

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Glenn Greenwald has been accused of crimes related to the hacking of Brazilian politicians, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

El gimnasta veterano Diego Hypolito rompió en llanto después de sumar 15,5 en los ejercicios de piso mientras las banderas de Brasil ondeaban en la tribuna. El anfitrión Brasil parecía tomar energía del público.

Los brasileños se ubicaron en el segundo sitio, detrás de Japón, con una puntuación por equipo de 268,078.

The Moto G family is Motorola’s most important line of budget phones. For example, Internacional the $250 Moto G6 took decent portrait photos with its dual rear cameras, and ran on the most current form of Android. Last year’s Moto G6 was CNET’s top low-cost phone of the year, a pattern that Motorola has been able to capitalize on for the past several years by keeping costs low year after year while also improving the specs. Unlike phones in the middle and high tiers, these budget phone prices have not crept up since 2016. 

Motorola has since taken the site down after our colleagues let the company know that the store was visible, but not before our team got the goods. 

the pages on the company’s Brazilian web store for Motorola employees (the site 404s).

Captura de pantalla por Juan Garzon/CNET

Motorola’s spilled the whole caboodle of photos and specs for its upcoming Moto G7, G7 Plus, G7 Power and G7 Play phones ahead of the official Feb.

El dúo serbio cayó —algo que rara vez ocurre en los eventos de remo de elite— en la Laguna Rodrigo de Freitas mientras las inestables aguas metieron en problemas a los atletas para permanecer en sus botes.

Here’s how you can watch the match and more. (Note: CNET may get a commission from subscriptions placed through services featured in this article.)

On TV, it will only be carried on FS1 and Telemundo, not Fox.

The Brazil launch comes a few days after the service announced that it has 40 million active users, of which about 10 million are paid subscribers.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) January 21, 2020

“The United States must immediately condemn this outrageous assault on the freedom of the press, and recognize that its attacks on press freedoms at home have consequences for American journalists doing their jobs abroad,” Ben Wizner, head of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, said in a statement.

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