IPTV – 5 Reasons Why It Is Here To Stay

As IPTV gains traction as the number 1 in media technology, it's simple to undervalue how useful it has become in a variety of walks of life.

Internet Protocol Television is all around us every single day, and often we don't even know it.

Many people will know that web based TV, such as the BBC's iPlayer, utilise this fundamental technology but what about the variety of other ways where it is put to good use?

Here I will discuss five terrific ways in which it is being utilised in a lot of different sectors:


Healthcare – Numerous hospitals are operating IPTV networks to offer top quality digital television on individual monitors in patients rooms, receptions, eating areas and conference suites. The truly great part is that patients can enjoy complete control of all the digital media, right from their bedside position. All of which helps to build a greater environment across the hospital wards.


Education – With the use of pre- installed networks, online video media and television can conveniently be distributed to every personal computer over the network. Local and foreign language Television channels are availble to support teachers. Teachers might also make use of the system to help them produce lesson plans, with a wealth of audio visual information and facts always at their disposal.

The school's own channels can be created to play DVD's, Camera or VCR material throughout the school.

3. Hotels – Many now take advantage of this excellent system for offering live Television, video and music to guest bedrooms, with local and foreign language channels always readily available.

Games, messages and also 'view my bill' and simple checkout facilities can also be possible. Hotel systems are fully HD compatible, hence allowing for prime quality digital sound and vision.

4. Business – Radio and live Television can easily be propagated to staff PC's and displays throughout an office building.

Entertainment and information locations within the office development also really benefit from this service, in addition to meeting and conference room facilities.

5. Digital Signage – We can find these electronic signs in action at air terminals, railway stations, shopping centres and sporting events.

Any place that needs to display marketing promotions, advertising, live TV, business branding can benefit hugely from this technology. These signs are easily maintained with the constant updating of the several kinds of material being a basic procedure.

IPTV will not vanish, far from it.

In truth it will turn up at the centre of many more digital systems as time passes. Currently the surface is barely being scratched, there's considerably more to come yet. I for one am extremely enthusiastic to witness where this wonderful technology will take us next.

The authour is based in London, England and is a keen follower of digital technology.

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