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Index An index is another name for the database of a search engine. Google or any other search engine may use indexes to browse all websites. Search engine indexes will not list a website so users won’t be able to search for index it. The index as the main reference point . It is the data source from Google’s index which ultimately determines the significance of various keywords and search terms. Search engines analyse the information to determine how often different factors occur under different circumstances. In addition search engines analyze what factors are linked to each other. The index doesn’t only include URLs but also all information contained in the URL’s HTML code. This analysis is then used to design an index assessment that is new to Google. It is designed to determine what content best matches the user’s needs. Based on this content assessment and the resulting Google search results (or rankings) are calculated. Google has an index for Index each country in its global search engine indexes. This means for instance, there is a Google Index for US ( as well as the Google Index for Index Japan ( and so on. The presence of national indexes can help the search engine tailor Index results to the specific search habits (including but not limited to languages) of the respective market. This provides users with an information source that is more relevant that is more in line with what they are searching for. A less reliable alternative is to draw on a global index that includes data from all countries however this wouldn’t be feasible to address the specific needs of each country. While many global players have highly ranked websites in multiple countries indexes as shown in our SEO World Rankings report, it’s important to understand Index the particular ranking factors for every country. Search data for Index every keyword is unique to every index. Without this information, it’s impossible for Index SEO or Index content marketers to base their decisions on users’ actual behavior. Local indexes The principle behind a local search engine index is the same as that of a country, but at a different scale. Local indexes are a way to find information pertinent to the user’s particular area of residence. Search queries such as “near by” or “phone taxi” are a good instance. People living in Miami expect very different answers from those who live in Portland.–37960117–36657067–43117177

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