Huawei P30 review: The P30 Pro’s fantastic photos for less

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The Huawei P30 ($500 at Amazon) has the same processor as the P30 Pro ($599 at Amazon). The photos it takes are comparable to those taken by the P30 Pro. Unlike the P30 Pro, it has a headphone jack. Yet it’s roughly $350 cheaper. If the smaller P30 has similar photographic clout and a slick design of its own, is there any reason to opt for the more expensive Pro?

That ultimately depends on your taste and how much cash you’re willing to spend on a phone. The 6.1-inch P30 is palpably smaller than the 6.47-inch Pro, so large-handed people who prefer the phones like the <a website Max and <a website XL will feel less comfortable here. (Both are 2,340×1,080-pixel, Full-HD displays.) The P30 also lacks the Pro’s curved display, wireless charging and, mtk chip flash tool in exchange for the headphone jack, true water resistance. (It’s splash proof, not waterproof.)

But the P30 isn’t just competing with the Pro. It’s also got Samsung’s new Galaxy S10E and S10 phones to worry about. Here it’s a clearer choice: Do you care more about your phone’s camera or your phone’s performance? If the former, the P30 is for you.

Thanks to geopolitical conflict, which has seen Huawei sue the US government, you’ll find neither the P30 or P30 Pro at any major retailers or carriers in the US. The P30 sells for £699 in the UK and AU$1,099 in Australia, as well as in other countries. The Australian price, the cheaper price, converts to about $785. Meanwhile the Pro starts at £899 in the UK and sells for AU$1,599 in Australia. 

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