Huawei is a Successful Mobile Phone Brand

There are not too many success stories in the smart phone industry that have been able to sustain for a long period of time.

For instance, HTC had a great run in 2011 and that was followed by years of dismal growth. Nokia is also struggling to meet ends meet and had to agree to be acquired by Microsoft. RIM also is thinking of selling its Blackberry brand. Hence, picture is not very rosy for the mobile phone industry.

On the contrary, Huawei mobile is blazing all guns and has experienced impressive growth over last few years.

Huawei is primarily a manufacturer of mobile equipment and technology and it was founded in the year 1987. It has become the largest manufacturer of technology and equipment surpassing Ericsson. It was also providing consulting services and network facilities to the communication and IT companies.

Huawei mobile has a total of over 140,000 employees spread worldwide, majority of who are involved in research and development. It has research and development facilities all over the world including centers in China, USA, India and Turkey. It pays special attention to R&D and spends about $3.75 billion on research and development.

Its services are being used in about 140 countries and more than 40 of the world's largest telecomm providers use services of Huawei.

Huawei is currently is the largest equipment manufacturer for the telecomm technology not only in the China but also in the world.

It has made so many breakthroughs in improving its technology by investing in Research and development phase that it has the most number of patents pending. It was amongst one of the top 6 telecomm companies that were included in the top 200 companies in the world by Forbes.

It was also ranked as one of the most influential company in the world. It was also ranked amongst the top ten most innovative companies in the world.

Huawei mobile was also involved in a controversy when the US alleged that the company had given unauthorized access to Chinese government.

Similarly, concerns were raised in the UK about the bid by Huawei to take over a local company. Huawei wrote an open letter to the USA challenging the concerns and stating that they were unfounded and lacked substance and independent investigation should be carried to see whether the allegations are genuine or not.

This proved to be a tipping point for the company and most of the western world governments became apprehensive about awarding projects to Huawei. Australian government reneged on a contract with the company to provide equipment and network assistance to a government owned corporation that is building Australian broadband network.

Similarly in 2012, Canadian government excluded Huawei to bid for a project that included building telecommunication network for the government. The company was also accused of trapping or bribing its clients to award contracts to the company. These were all serious allegations but it didn't prevent the company from impressive growth over last few years.

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