Galaxy S20 leaks confirm phone will use in-display fingerprint reader

Yet another round of leaks about Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S20, are rolling out ahead of the phone’s launch.

According to XDA Developers, the forthcoming Galaxy S20 Plus – the larger version of Samsung’s flagship phones that are slated to be released in February – will definitively have a high-end 120 HZ display which had previously only been rumored.

The 120 HZ display will offer a high refresh rate but will only work with the phone’s standard resolution as opposed to the WQHD – quad high –  setting that clocks in at 1440p as opposed to 1080p.

Leaked photos have confirmed that Samsung’s next flagship phone will be called the Galaxy S20 as had previously been speculated. Pictured, a leaked image of the Galaxy S20+

‘In the image of the rear, the first thing that stands out to us is the camera setup. We can see a total of 4 cameras, a flash, and what looks like a microphone hole’, wrote Max Weinbach who released images of the device this week

Additionally, XDA says that the phone will come with a traditional headphone jack and as well as an in-display ‘ultrasonic’ fingerprint scanner.

The latter feature marks a significant confirmation as Samsung has attempted to include in-display fingerprint-reading technology in the past to notably mixed results.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10, which uses similar technology, found itself at the center of controversy when customers pointed out that the technology – meant to enable biometric security – was both slow and easily fooled.





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Samsung’s scanner malfunctioned most disconcertingly when the S10 was coupled with a screen protector. 

Instead of unlocking the phone on a case-by-case basis, the screen protector opened up the device to be unlocked by any one. 

It’s possible, however, that with the S20, that samsung upgrade new has improved on its sensor technology and rectified issues that caused glitches in the S10.

The latest leaks from XDA follow a prior round earlier this week that offered the first real glimpse of Samsung’s new phone.   

Images revealed the Galaxy S20+ and a four-camera array on the phone’s backside along with a flat screen and thin bezels. 

Other features of the new design appear to include a smaller, centered ‘hole-punch’ selfie camera and the ‘Infinity-O’ display, which comes with a pre-installed screen protector.

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