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In the Nakoda language, the area is known as Wincheesh-pah or Wenchi Ispase, both meaning “elbow”. In the Nehiyaw Language, the area was known as otôskwanihk (ᐅᑑᐢᑿᓂᕽ) meaning “at the elbow” or Otôskwunee meaning “elbow”. In the Tsuut’ina language, the area is known as Guts’ists’i (older orthography, Kootsisáw) meaning “elbow”. In the Slavey language, the area was known as Klincho-tinay-indihay meaning “many horse town”, referring to the Calgary Stampede and the city’s settler heritage.

Everything you need is included in this easy to use kit that’s perfect for serious seed-starting or a fun science project for the entire family. Irises make excellent cut flowers and are best cut when the topmost flower is just beginning to open. Vase longevity is affected by temperature, with a maximum vase life of about one week. Also called Japanese water iris, slightly later blooming, cultivars available in shades of blue, lavender, pink and white. Although irises can be started from seed, it may be a couple of years before they bloom. Most often, ottawafood.blogspot.com they are propagated by division of the bulbs or rhizomes in late summer or early fall. Cut back the flowering stalks after flowering, but leave the foliage intact so it can continue to gather and store nutrients and energy to be stored for the following season.

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The NWMP Fort remained officially nameless until construction was complete, although it had been referred to as “The Mouth” by people at Fort Macleod. At Christmas dinner NWMP Inspector Éphrem-A. Brisebois christened the unnamed Fort “Fort Brisebois”, a decision which caught the ire of his superiors Colonel James Macleod and Major Acheson Gosford Irvine. Major Irvine cancelled the order by Brisebois and wrote the Deputy Minister of Justice Hewitt Bernard at Ottawa describing the situation and suggesting the name “Calgary” put forward by Colonel Macleod. Minister of Justice Edward Blake agreed with the name and in Spring 1876 Fort Calgary was officially established. The city anchors the south end of the Statistics Canada-defined urban area, the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor. Built in 1907, this is a stone heritage pavilion that overlooks the Niagara River, between the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and the American Bridal Veil Falls. Located just south of Grand View Marketplace, this intimate setting is the perfect place to exchange your vows, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Falls.

  • The area lies on the Zanskar range of the Himalayas with the highest point in the national park being Gauri parbat at 6,719 m above sea level.
  • As an alternative to the over 260 km of shared bikeways on streets, the city has a network of multi-use (bicycle, walking, rollerblading, etc.) paths spanning over 935 km .
  • “I showcased a large floral in the center of the blocks and used a slightly smaller scale floral in the triangle-squares,” Laura says.
  • Blossom drop occurs when you have lots of flowers but no fruit.
  • Another mind-blowing variety from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farm, this photograph is Brad’s.
  • Eastern European variety with bright red fruits for paste, sauces, canning or freezing.

Another delightful variety from the incredibly dedicated crew of the Dwarf Tomato Project developed for those growing in small gardens or small containers — or who want to fit more plants into a large garden. A legendary and beautiful tomato, at least 100 years old and said to be grown by the Cherokee People. deep dark dusky rose-purple, deep red inside, with sweet, rich and smoky, luscious flavor. Reaching up to 2 lbs.,the flavor is tantalizing–tart and sweet, a perfect combination of tang to sweetness with plenty of juice and a rapturous brown and green color. Big, beautiful, pink and luscious with classic heirloom flavor, it is the tomato to which other heirlooms are compared. This is thought to be the old-time original Brandywine tomato.

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It’s important to note that light/sun isn’t crucial until the seedlings have popped out of the soil. They usually poke their heads out of the soil in about 7-10 days. Colours range from yellow to burgundy in this elegant Marigold mix. Deadhead flowers to enjoy consistent flowering throughout the summer.

Florals are classic yet trendy and come in a variety of colors and styles. Shop hundreds of floral fabrics and add a feminine touch to your next project. Perfect for sewing quilts, apparel, home décor, and craft projects. There’s no Etsy warehouse – just millions of people selling the things they love. We make the whole process easy, helping you connect directly with makers to find something extraordinary. Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. We’re also a community pushing for positive change for small businesses, people, and the planet.

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The key is to keep the growing medium moist so that the seeds can germinate well, and also to keep light out. Press the seeds gently into the soil, and then cover with a very thin layer of soil. Curled Garden Cress is a non-GMO & heirloom variety that produces a visually stunning microgreen with a distinctive, sharp & peppery flavor. For more information on getting your seeds off to a good start early in the season, we suggest reading our article on starting annuals from seed indoors. On the other hand, I have had some take off right out of the seed packet, with no pests or diseases to speak of. These include historic ‘Brandywine Yellow’ and ‘Green Zebra’ tomatoes. This purple variety of bush beans has strong resistant to pests and diseases, and harvestable pods may be ready to pick as soon as 50 days after sowing seeds.

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Heritage Park features beautiful homes located in prestigious North Natomas, a community-focused neighborhood with all the amenities you’d expect from resort living. The Association is dedicated to ensuring the beauty, safety, and stability of the area, promoting neighborliness and pride among the residents, and forming a base for representation in matters affecting the community. Create an enchanting garden where the whole family can play. The colored arch in the sky that is often seen after a rain. The rainbow is formed when water droplets in the air cause the diffraction of sunlight.

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We advocate for priority placement of Aboriginal people in our facility. At this time, only essential visits are allowed (for residents who are critically ill or receiving end-of-life care). Eligible visitors must pass screening criteria and visits are limited to one visitor per resident.

Velvety, almost black fall petals; tolerant to a wide range of soils. All parts of irises may cause severe discomfort if ingested. Gloves should be worn when handling iris plants, rhizomes, or bulbs, as the sap can cause skin irritation. Irises generally have low water requirements once established, but can use a little extra if unusually dry just before bloom time. Louisiana, Siberian and Japanese irises need more water than the bearded types. Choose a sunny location for your irises where they won’t be subject to standing water.

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