Computer Characteristics Explain By Yogi Dreams Infotech

Computer Characteristics Explain By Yogi Dreams Infotech


A PC works with significantly higher speed and accuracy appeared differently in relation to individuals while performing mathematical checks. Computers can deal with millions (1,000,000) of rules each second. The time taken by PCs for their exercises is microseconds and nanoseconds.


Laptops perform calculations with 100% precision. Slip-ups may happen on account of data inconsistency or mistake.


A PC can play out a large number of tasks or checks with a comparative consistency and precision. It doesn’t feel any shortcoming or nonappearance of obsession. Its memory similarly improves it than that of individuals.


Versatility suggests the capacity of a PC to perform different sorts of works with same precision and profitability.

Enduring quality

A PC is reliable as it gives consistent result for tantamount plan of data i.e., if we give same course of action of information many occasions, we will get a comparative result.


PC plays out all the tasks subsequently for instance it performs tasks without manual intervention.


A PC has intrinsic memory called fundamental memory where it stores data. Discretionary limit are removable contraptions, for instance, CDs, pen drives, etc, which are furthermore used to store data.

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